Dealing with the arrival of the rainy season in the Peruvian Andes.

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Two out of Three Volcanoes

I left the Casa de Ciclistas in good company, in the form of the Swiss cyclist, Martin. He’s on a similar worldwide trip like mine and whose reason for riding to wild and remote places was ‘to escape humans’. Naturally, we got on well. Leaving Tumbaco we continued to follow bikepacking.com’s TEMBR route, winding our […]

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Type Two Fun

The difficulties of getting off the beaten track, if you’re somewhat on the lazy side, are of course what you encounter while you’re having ‘type two fun’, but also are found in the process of getting off the track in the first place. Here’s me on my first time doing what my ‘bikepacking’ setup has allowed me to do: push my bike a lot and love it

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